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Infinity Sanitary napkin (Family Package)


Sku:Infinity Sanitary napkin (Family Package)

Product Description

Infinity sanitary napkin structure:
Infinity Anion Sanitary Napkin Made in Eight Tier Specialty Food Grade Ingredients:
For example:

The first layer is soft and smooth like tulle (exterior with more absorbent capacity which is very comfortable and absorbs three times faster).

Level 2: - Anion chip is added to the smooth cloth (which contains 5 cubic cm anion) which eliminates all periods of difficulty.

Third layer: - Wrap with air circulating paper (wrap 3 degrees tight, which changes shape like other napkins).

Fourth level: Polymer with the highest absorption capacity (effectively absorbs ten times the water and keeps it dry).

Fifth Level: The level of efficient removal capacity (balanced absorption capacity that counteracts side leaks).

Sixth level - Wrap with air-circulating paper (each sanitary napkin ensures maximum absorption, maintains a refreshing feel).

Seventh level: Pre-air emission, leak-proof low level.

Eighth Level: - Tight glue emitting paper (specially designed backpack material that maintains normal performance.

Infinity Anion Sanitary Napkin Impact:
For example:

1 / Destroys harmful bacteria.
2 / Inflammation / Irritation, Eliminates abdominal pain.
3 / Maintains dryness of skin (p H value).
4 / Maintains support for increasing hormone balance.
5 / Increases vitality.
6 / Mental stress increases resistance.
7 / Keeps the chemical transformation of the body alive.
8 / Eliminates odor.
9 / Strengthens maturation.
10 / Eliminates fatigue.
11 / Reduces nervous pressure.
12 / Cleans blood.


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